True Blood: You Light Up My Life

Warning: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season 5, Ep. 7 – “In The Beginning”.

“Respectfully Martha, your son doesn’t have a grave because y’all ate him.”- Alcide

“Don’t get literal on me, Rambo.” – Martha

Ah, the 7th episode of the season, an episode where we get to take a brief break from the action and focus entirely on entertainment for an hour. And what an entertaining hour. Sure, very little plot was advanced, but this episode was pure comedy gold with a healthy sprinkling of touching thrown in for good measure.

Slightly scarier in motion.

But for a moment, lets look at what might actually matter next week (don’t worry, I’ll get to the fun stuff too). The aftermath of Roman’s execution was a confusing, exciting and terrifying mess made all the more thrilling by some expert use of night vision. Russell was hardly silvered for long and after making his grand entrance, he, Nora and Salome offered Bill and Eric a front row ticket for the revolution. They politely declined, but that was never really an option. Instead they attended a ceremony in which Salome made it very clear which side of the mainstreaming movement she came down upon. So they all drank the blood of Lilith, which apparently is some sort of sizzurp made of 80 proof liquor, LSD, and every once of joy ever felt, and took the party to the street, Bourbon Street that is. And it was all fun and games until the blood bath. And the Lilith delusions. It was intense, but anything that causes a Godric cameo is all right with me. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how successful Eric is in converting his sister (my guess is not very).

In other news, the store clerk was indeed involved in the shifter shootings, deduced by some expert sniffing from Sam. He also managed to sniff out one of the killers on his way to (presumably) finish the job of killing Luna. The hate group, which was probably the funniest part of the overall hysterical episode, is run by a mysterious entity know only as Dragon. A pretty mythical moniker for someone hell bent on destroying all super naturals. If I want to get all conspiracy theory on it, and I do, I’d say that Dragon is a vampire, attempting to create more of a context for a vampire/human war.

Luckily Joe got to keep his Magic Mike costumes.

A war that J.D. is convinced will be occurring soon, or so he informed his pack as he did his best impression of a pusher in an after school special. Fortunately Martha, who is redeeming herself more and more every week from that whole cannibal thing, spared Emma from a downward spiral. Alcide might be more interested in rolling in the hay with Naked Girl, but he might want to spend some actual time training. Though, with Martha backing him, it might be a little easier anyway.

Silly, silly Lafayette, you know that Jesus’ grandfather is certifiable and you just waltz right it and act surprised when you see your boyfriend’s severed head and have your lips sewn shut? I guess you can be as Brujo as they come and still not have a lick of common sense. Lucky for him the pregnant chick had enough brains for both of them.

Continue for three years or until human

And finally Sookie; if there’s anything lamer than being half fairy, it’s being a half fairy that will eventually lose all her powers. The prospect sounds tempting enough to Sookie, and it would certainly clean up a lot of her current problems; Russell would no longer have it out for her, presumably all vampires would leave her alone (well, as alone as any human), and she could finally stop hearing every creepy thought people have. But it would also make for a boring show, so hopefully Jason gets to her before she finishes microwaving the sky with her fingers.

And now the fun stuff!

Most Touching Moment Award is a tie between Pam and Tara and Terry and Arlene’s wedding video. Last week I bemoaned the fact that Pam has been MIA recently and while I maybe would have preferred snarky Pam, the entire episode was snarky enough without her and touching Pam is almost as good anyway. I’m glad Tara and Pam’s relationship is progressing, but the dancing scene has me a little worried. Both women have taken a dip (alright, full fledged swims) in the lady pond, so it wouldn’t be a stretch, but I’d much prefer a standard mother/daughter relationship. I think its what they need more, too. And the wedding video? What can I say, wedding videos by definition are supposed to be heart tugging and when they feature so many people, who are currently so besieged, looking utterly blissful its truly beautiful. When it cut to Lafayette and Jesus I actually got choked up.

And the funniest moments? There are way to many to count so I’ll just list a few of my favorites.

– The hate group. “I feel more love, more acceptance in this hate group than I’ve ever felt in church or in basketball or wherever.”

– Sam rolling around on the ground like a little puppy. I know what someone’s submitting to the Emmy voters next year…

– Sheriff Dearborn’s afternoon delight. While its nothing I ever want to be forced to imagine again, its nice to know someone’s still getting some in Bon Temps.

– I stand by my assertion that Steve Newlin is one of the best additions to the cast and needs to be featured more! “I’m like a tree in the wind, I am just so happy to be included.”

– The entire night on the town bit. High vampires should be a whole new comedy genre unto itself. Also, did you catch Eric giving Bill a piggyback ride? The bro-mance lives!

– Russell cutting in on the karaoke; golden. Actually, pretty much everything Russell did this episode was perfection. Everyone was excited to have him back from a villain perspective, but it seems like we underestimated his comic relief abilities.

A Few Last Burning Questions:

If Sookie does give up her Fey, will Bill and Eric no longer be attracted to her blood and by extension her?

Will Lafayette have permanent stich scars around his mouth?

Is there any coming back in a relationship after you shoot the girl in the head? Something tells me Alan Ball is going to set back anit-domestic violence progess a few decades and say yes.

So Russell will soon be looking for a new Talbot and we know Steve Newlin has been feeling a little lonely. Sounds like a match made… well, maybe not heaven, but it sure sounds entertaining!

Until next time!

– Devin Mainville



  1. Sue M.

    Excellent episode! Loved the piggy back ride,too. Great recap

  2. Serenity

    I’m thinking Sookie will still be attractive to Supes even without her powers. Look at Jason. His ‘fairyness’ makes him attractive to women. And how is it that Sookie is running out of power? She only started using the light last season.

  3. Serenity

    It would have been nice for Sookie to use up her power fighting Jesus’ grandfather. Brujo vs. fairy. Why does Lafayette have to go alone?

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