The Voice: The Judges and I Fail to See Eye to Eye

My new favorite part of The Voice might just be the “behind the scenes” with the judges. They may have made a name from themselves as bickering nags, but its much more fun to see them all hanging out and getting along. Just an observation, now onto the singers!

Trevanne Howell is a single mother of two who used to be a teen mom, but no whining about it! Is what it is. I like her already. She’s mostly just doing this as an example for her children. A refreshing change from all the doom and gloom backstories we’ve been subjected to. She sang “I Have Nothing” by the late great Whitney Housten, a hard voice to measure up to and she only did all right, at least according to the judges. Carson was outraged! Well, as outraged as he can get. Who will her children look up to now?

Colin McLoughlin, a former NYU student, dropped out of his music business program to pursue a career in music, sans business. Like most parents whose son drops out of college, they were not pleased, but they probably weren’t pleased when he decided to major in music business either. It’s a degree that would have gotten him.. about where he is already (says the TV major). He sang “Wild World” by Cat Stevens, which is one of my favorite songs so perhaps I am biased when I say it was only decent. I would say it was on par with Trevanne who they had just passed up (the real order they were in, of course, is unknown). But the boys were impressed enough to turn around. It seems like Christina’s strategy is to let the boys battle it out and when their teams fill up she’ll take all the rest. Its so crazy it just might work. Team Adam.

What’s that? Its been too long without sad violin music accompanying a heartbreaking story that was resolved through song? 17 year-old Joselyn Rivera has got your back. See, she was born with a super sad heart deficiency and the only thing that could fix it was music. Literally, the doctor prescribed music to fix her actual legitimate medical problem. I guess he was filling in for Path Adams. She sang “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson with lots of sass and a decently strong voice. Christina and Blake were impressed enough to turn around and Christina was so into it she didn’t even notice Blake ring in. Blake played a little dirty, but it was to no avail. Team Christina.

Benji, a former formula one driver, had to give up his dream because he ran out of money. But the best way to make money is to be an internationally famous singer! It’s a failsafe solution. He sang “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” with a gravely rock voice closer to Axel Rose than Bob Dylan, which is good for a show based around voice quality. Adam turned around quickly, but it took Cee Lo till the scream before he gave into the voice and turned around as well. Not that it made an difference. Team Adam.

Fodder montage of all the uninteresting people Cee Lo has been saddled with! Not looking good for team Cee Lo if that many people on his team are un-noteworthy. Or maybe its genius, there can only be one winner after all.

Lorraine Ferro, a 52-year-old firecracker from New York was up next. She coaches pretty much everything related to singing and is finally taking the spotlight she deserves. This lady has more pep than all the 20 somethings that have sang before it. It’s a little exhausting, but still genuine enough to be endearing.  She tackled “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato. I was digging it, but this episode has been all about how little the judges and I have in common and no one turned around.

Mycle Wastman is here to end the show on a very depressing note. His grandparents raised him after both of his parents died at a young age. Fortunately his grandfather was always there fore him. Until he died a week ago.  This is genuinely sad, the saddest part is that it’s being used as entertainment for all of America and as ploy to garner votes. He sang “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green and he was not kidding when he said he didn’t sound the way he looked. He was pure, smooth R&B sex the minute he opened his mouth and the judges were loving it (besides Christina).  Cee Lo was excited, probably because he sounds just like him. I thought his cires to “let me love you” would scare Mycle off, but he’s a stronger man than I. Team Cee Lo.

One more week of blind auditions and then its on to the battle round! Please let that week go quickly, these sob stories are trying my patience!

– Devin Mainville


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