The Voice: The Final Battle

The battles feel like they’ve been dragged out forever, but it also seems like they’re over too soon. Perhaps thats just what happens when you have two hour episodes and still can’t fit everyone in.

Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt “Hot N’ Cold” by Katy Perry

Christina’s Teenage Pop Star World Domination continued with the former Disney star and the former hostage. I wonder which of those backgrounds was a better preparation for being locked in a room with a (probably) pantsless Christina and her aggressive yell/singing. It’s probably pretty close actually. The battle sounded exactly the same as every other Team Christina battle, which means very good, if generic pop princess stuff. Winner: Adriana.

Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige “Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett

I don’t remember either of these two Team Blake contestants, but apparently they are very young, which makes Michael Buble uncomfortable, most likely due to the inappropriate thoughts he had when they walked in. Between the ages and the overcompensating vocal runs, the rehearsals felt more like a Team Christina one than a Blake.  Except that one was country and the other wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Disney. Apparently they translated “rock” to Hot Topic rejects and inexplicable hair crimping. Ah, youth. This is a great song, but having two teenage girls sing it to each other is playing into some fantasies I’m not entirely comfortable with. But Adam is (“it was like a pillow fight”), so that’s…yeah, even more uncomfortable now. Winner: Michaela.

Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia

Avery was feeling at a distinct disadvantage being paired with Lady Gaga’s red headed stepchild on such a distinct and high range song. But, by the second rehearsal it was clear this was gonna be an epic battle. My only worry was that it was too early in the show to be the one steal of the night. And judging by just the rehearsal, this was going to be steal worthy.  This belief was only supported by the stellar performance. And then I saw the clock and realized this would be the steal and the urgency was gone. Still a good battle though. Avery was stronger consistently, but Chevonne’s presence was more than enough to warrant Christina’s attention. How do I do it?! Winner: Avery. And Chevonne is now Team Christina.

And the battle rounds are complete! Kind of. Next up is the mysteries Knock Out Round. We got a little glimpse at what that round will entail. Mostly its like the Battle Round but with less preparation and more random pairings. It also seems that the contestants get to choose their own songs. Strange. We still have a lot of cutting before we even make it to live shows! But have faith fellow viewers, we will get there.

– Devin Mainville


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