Revenge: Forgiveness

Revenge, as Emily has learned time and again, is a thorny path. It gets even thornier when it merges with other people’s revenge paths, resulting in one giant traffic jam and no on getting where they want to go. Emily has been so focused on what the Graysons have done to her, she forgot they are generally deplorable and there is a line of people just waiting to take them down. The only problem was they were too powerful to be taken down. But then Emily came along, and while her revenge plan may not have gone as well as she hoped, it has certainly weakened them enough for their other enemies to come swarming like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Mixed metaphors aside, the show’s title now refers to many people besides Emily. Kara Clarke made her triumphant return to the land of the living and flew straight into her former assassin’s nest. Sure, she may actually believe that Victoria didn’t try to kill her a decade ago, but the lady is insane, not stupid.  I think, like her daughter, she figures the best way to take down her enemies is from the inside. Kara is still under the impression that Gordon is alive and is attempting to ferret out information about his location. But of course now the Graysons believe that Kara is the only one who knows where Mr. Murphy is. Classic misunderstanding, I’m sure this resolve itself like an episode of Three’s Company.

Aiden, who was happy to play side kick to Emily’s revenge plan, has now been forced to plot all by himself. He was there to comfort Emily after her breakdown and continued to feed her information about Grayson Global despite her complete lack of appreciation. But the final straw was when he found Gordon’s cell phone and realized while he saw themselves as partners, Emily was still in this alone. So he shot her a witty threat and went right about hatching is own plan of destroying the Graysons. Although he wasn’t alone for long and recruited fellow revenge seeker and Grayson heir Daniel to assist in his take down. Unfortunately, Emily should have listened to that threat because Aiden’s plan hinges on destroying not only Grayson Global but NolCorp as well. Will Emily forego her act alone initiative to protect the closest thing she’s had to a partner so far?

Signs point to yes, because as all this new traffic has merged onto Revenge Road, Emily has taken a detour down Forgiveness Parkway. After remembering how her mother tried to drown her, Emily had abandoned the hope of reconciliation and was now all about getting Mama Clarke out of the Hamptons as soon as possible. But that conflicted with Kara’s own quest for revenge/forgiveness. So far she’s only accomplished the forgiveness, by proxy from Amanda, but still very much felt by Emily. Softened by the presence of her mother, Emily also seemed to genuinely care about Nolan’s loss and took the time to warn him about Padma. (Padma, Padma, Padma, I knew you were going to be trouble. Why can’t you just enjoy your spontaneous trips to Paris and seaside breakfasts and leave all the sneaking around to the grownups?) She also tried out this new-fangled thing called the truth and told Amanda the baby really was Jack’s. Luckily Amanda knew the title of the episode (or motherhood is softening her too) and instead of reacting with her usual homicidal rage at the thought of being manipulated, she forgave Emily. And all was right and good in the Hamptons.

Just kidding! Because there’s one more new driver on Revenge Road and he’s not interested in just taking down the Graysons, he wants to watch the whole world burn. Mason Treadwell is back and he has a file! A file that will somehow prove that Amanda Clarke isn’t Amanda Clarke. Treadwell may have made his fortune thanks to the Graysons, but his involvement with them is also what caused his downfall. But more accurately, Amanda Clarke is who ruined him and just like she set out for revenge after being destroyed, Treadwell has returned to the Hamptons to return the favor.

– Devin Mainville


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