AHS: Nor’easter

Sometimes our greatest fears reside not in the unknown depths of the world, but within the unknown depths of ourselves. Sometimes it is not the things that go bump in the night that can do us the most harm, but our own flaws.

Its interesting that the devil, currently residing within Sister Mary Eunice, has set out to create havoc not by actually creating it herself, but by pressing the buttons of her two greatest adversaries and letting them destroy themselves.

Sister Jude’s strength is her greatest tool. She is staunch in her beliefs and relentless in imposing them. But the flaw that eats away at that harsh exterior is the never relenting guilt of her drunken hit and run, a side effect of her wanton youth, that sent her ricocheting into the sisterhood. A few well placed reminders, a vintage newspaper, a tube of lipstick, and Sister Jude is back at the bottom of a bottle while her callous exterior quickly crumbles. One jug of communion wine and Sister Jude is waxing poetic about the light after a storm and taking a nap, giving her captives the chance to run free. She let her greatest fear into the light and it nearly destroyed the persona she created to escape it.

Similarly, Dr. Arden works hard to keep his pervasions in check. Ok, maybe he doesn’t try that hard, but certainly there has been some effort because this week we got a glimpse of what his evil looks like when it lets loose. Sister Mary Eunice (I feel weird referring to her as the devil) used his crush against him, giving him what he wanted while simultaneously ruining it. He wanted Sister Mary Eunice for her purity and in giving herself to him she took away his fantasy.

But it wasn’t the sister who suffered for awaking this sleeping giant. It was Shelly; whose own weakness put her in the eye of the perfect storm Mary Eunice had created. Rebuffed by his Madonna, Dr. Arden needed a whore to work though his complex. So who better to substitute than the nymphomaniac who throws herself at every man who crosses her path? But Shelly introduced an important caveat to her condition; she must be the one to do the choosing. Force her and suddenly that nymphomania clears right up and she just looks like an average girl of the 21st century.

Even Lana was forced reconsider the damage her own prejudices have done. Confronted by the information that her lover left behind a familiar crime scene, Lana realized her own greatest flaw was her arrogance. She is convinced that Briarcliff is corrupt and her own false imprisonment was her proof, but she never stopped to consider that she might not be the only innocent person behind its walls. She never stopped to think that maybe there are bigger monters outside than the ones she shares a roof with.

Because sometimes our greatest fears are alien figures in a millisecond shot or a bloody faced killer without a conscious or deformed flesh eating creatures wandering around the night than send us running back to the devil we know.

– Devin Manville

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