Nashville: Move It On Over

After a minor hiccup last week, Nashville is back to serving up juicy, salacious plot points with an extra side of cheese.  There were so many lines drawn in the sand last night this metaphorical beach probably looks like a checkerboard.

After (implied) years of stringing Deacon along, Rayna seems* to have cut him free for good (*but clearly not, because this is television land). Deacon was all set to play another round of “I’m done with you/but hey,give me your attention/I still hate you though/just kidding I love you”, by holding out on lyric changes for a commercial. Unfortunately for him, Rayna wasn’t interested in playing that game again and in case that wasn’t made clear enough when she showed up at his house and said it, ignoring his late night collect call from jail drove the message home.

Luckily for Deacon, Rayna isn’t the only country lady in town and Juliette is more than interested. She just has the small problem of her mooching, addict mother before she can focus all her lovin’ on Deacon. And wouldn’t you know, Deacon is some sort of addict whisperer who can convince a person to enter rehab in less than a minute thirty. Oh sure, Mama Barnes resisted a little more once they actually got to the rehab facility, but one last slap to her daughter and confiscation of her pills and she was in.  Juliette attempted to thank Deacon “properly” wink, wink, nudge, nudge, but Deacon rejected her, claiming they were just friends. That seems an odd line to draw given that, you know, they’ve already slept together multiple times.  But being back near that “rehab smell” had Deacon’s thoughts all jumbled up, a giant mix of regret and Rayna. Clearly those kinds of emotions can’t be handled by steamy sex with a young blonde; it can only be handled by kicking the crap out of a heckler and landing in jail. But, thanks to his new “friend” he only spent the night.

Meanwhile, Avery’s sleaziness has reached such an apex that even naïve little Scarlett can see it. Gunner and Scarlett were given their 27th (approximately) big shot to sing one of their songs for some big wig producers; the only catch was they needed an extra guitar player. The sentence was barely out of Scarlett’s mouth before Avery was all over it, pretending he was only in it to support his girlfriend, but as soon as the day came around Avery commandeered the performance like the John Paul Jones of country singing. When Gunner confronted him about it, Avery made it out that he only did it because he’s suspicious of him and Scarlett, not because he’s just a giant sleaze. Scarlett was doing her best Ashley Davenport impression and overheard the whole thing. So clearly the logical response was to go to Gunner and explicitly explain there is nothing going on between them. Sure, she eventually got around to yelling at Avery and accusing him of being jealous (uh duh), but given the clips from next week. She’s gonna have to be hit over the head with his sleaziness before she actaully does anything about it.

And finally, Big Daddy Lamar drew the line that proved just how in control he really is. Teddy finally went to his all-powerful father-in-law and confessed his sins. It seems when his Cumberland Project hit the skids, Teddy, with help from Peggy, borrowed (read: embezzled) funds from the credit union. Sure, they returned all the money, but the federal government tends to overlook that distinction. When Big Daddy said he would “take care of it” I immediately thought Peggy was going to end up in the Cumberland River, but I guess I’ve just been watching too much Revenge, because he just got the auditor to stop the audit, which is actually more impressive.  Of course when Teddy met with Peggy to share the good news, there was a telescopic lens crashing the party and turning every friendly gesture of relief into a sex scandal. Ten bucks says Mr. Paparazzi works for Big Daddy, too.  This is his world and everyone else is just living in it.

– Devin Mainville


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