Revenge: Penance

Last week I pointed out that Emily has lost a great deal of her control in her vengeance plot. This week she lost even more (thanks to loose cannons Kara and Mason), and still somehow she managed to come out on top. Perhaps the past few weeks haven’t been about Emily losing control, but about her goals shifting. The deal she struck with Mason at the end of the episode was less about clearing her fathers name than her own. The man who was instrumental in convicting David Clarke in the court of public opinion is now the man Emily is trusting to tell her own story.

In the course of seeking retribution Emily has committed as many crimes as those she is pursuing. It was interesting to learn that she does not distinguish between her crimes and others, she admitted she plans to make her own confession, to serve her own penance… when the time is right.  Of course her deal with Mason also means that when that confession comes her name will stay clean by way of full disclosure. At least that’s the plan.

And now we can add one more name to the list of people who know Emily’s real identity. So to recap; the people who can destroy Emily are a hormonal new mommy with a homicidal steak, a ninja trained “revenger”, a billionaire genius, and an egotistical writer with a flair for the dramatic. Mason is a man who turned on the people who provided his life by publicly ruining them. Emily may have him locked up for now, but word has a way of getting out, especially with Mason and especially when he feels he’s been wronged.

The framing also brought back an important piece of evidence that I had all but forgoten about (as I assume was the goal) until last night; the black box from Murder Plane 2.0. Which made me think about the events that have somehow been brushed aside. Last season ended with a plane crash; a plane that held extensive evidence and two key witnesses for a federal investigation. The plane went down, the evidence was destroyed (or at least one copy of it) and the witnesses assumed dead. But when the key witness showed up, very much alive, and claiming to have been kidnapped, the feds didn’t seem to have any questions. They worked for months, perhaps years, to build a case against Conrad Grayson and when all of that hard work was destroyed and everyone involved, except his wife, were killed, how were there not some follow up questions? But there was no police involvement until Conrad was framed for Gordon’s death. I know this is TV world and I should cut some slack in the believability department, but Revenge is usually pretty good at tying up loose ends and these frayed strands bother me.

I will say the tiny moment of touching in this week’s episode came from the Graysons, which is a rare occurrence. But when Kara had Conrad and Victoria backed into a corner, the usual scramble to save themselves was gone. Instead we got a glimpse (perhaps the first) of the love that must have once brought the couple together. The snarling and the sniping was gone and in its place was a man who fought to protect his wife and a woman who sought her husband’s affection in her last moments. Perhaps this brush with death will remind the Graysons of what they used to be and what they could again be. I hope it does because if all this damage can be caused with the two of them working against each other I shudder to think about what they can accomplish together.

Also, any show that can take two such despicable characters and still manage to move me with their love can be forgiven some plot holes. For now.

– Devin Mainville

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