Nashville: You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)

Well this was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. I mean, really, has the plot advanced at all this week? Is anything different from last week? It seemed like the general plots were only underlined rather than progressed. That’s not to say that this episode was bad, but when it was over I found myself questioning what the point had been. And the fact this is the last episode until after Thanksgiving makes it all the more disappointing. But recap I still shall because I have little else to do.

First up Rayna, who is still hell bent on producing her album her way which apparently includes enlisting the help of a douchebag rock star who’s won five Grammies (considering they hand those things out like lollipops, it’s not that impressive). The douchebag rock star didn’t have time for Rayna or her mini-van mom music, but Rayna southern charmed her way into the recording session and was soon getting black out drunk and making sweet, sweet music. It appears her “new way” is just Deacon’s old way. Guess she can’t get all judgmental now.

Deacon’s other sometimes lover, Juliette, was still doing damage control on her shoplifting escapade that must have occurred in a record breaking slow news cycle.  The PR campaign included letting a marmoset bury itself in her hair and dating a cute (if absurdly innocent) football player. Stars: they’re just like us! Unfortunately, dating the squeaky clean rookie didn’t clean up Juliette’s image as much as it sullied his.  Luckily Juliette dug out the checkbook and bought off the paparazzo to save the image of her knight in shining armor. What’s this? Personal growth? Taking responsibilities for her actions? Working out her daddy issues with someone not old enough to be her dad? Our little starlet is all grown up.

Another woman doing some growing was Scarlett who finally got the message that Avery is a sleaze and kicked him to the curb. All it took was him putting his career before her… and cheating on her. Yeah, that may have had something to do with it, too. Ok, he didn’t sleep with the creepy cougar (if she supposedly tried to run this game on Deacon, just how old is she…), but that is merely semantics. He went there with every intention of sleeping with her to further his career and only put on the brakes in the eleventh hour. Plus, as soon as the break up was final, he was right back at her door with nothing to hold him back. Sorry kid, these actions do not a good guy make.

The most interesting plot this week (for the first time) was Teddy’s campaign drama. At the urging of Big Daddy Lamar, Teddy consented to a traffic stop that would delay Coleman’s attendance to a joint event, thus giving Teddy time to pontificate uninterrupted. Unfortunately, in the midst of the traffic stop a bottle of oxycodone (surrendered to him by Deacon) was found and he was arrested on drug charges. Oh well, so much for a clean campaign. But Teddy and his father-in-law aren’t the only ones playing dirty. Turns out the mysterious photographer is under the employ of Coleman and all signs are pointing to a photo leak in the near future. Hey, he didn’t sign the clean campaign pledge. He was too busy surrendering his personal belongings thanks to a sting set up by his opponent. Politics, amirite?

So yeah, some fun stuff happened (though not enough singing in my opinion), but at the end of the day it’s all the same; Rayna’s career is still in trouble, Juliette’s image is still damaged, Deacon still can’t choose between them (though really he didn’t do much this week besides clean his insanely filthy gutters), Teddy is still probably going to be a labeled an adulterer instead of the more accurate embezzler, Avery is still a sleaze and Scarlett is still kind of annoying even if she did get all empowered for a second.  I know it’s all leading somewhere I just wish it would get there faster.

– Devin Mainville


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