Revenge: Revelation

For an episode entitled “Revelation” there was very little revealing going on. In fact, everything that happened had already been predicted and explained in the previous episodes. I’m not trying to complain (well, maybe a little bit), but I really expected more from a winter finale.

At least the episode started with a bang; unfortunately it was just clay pigeons on the receiving end of those bangs. Grayson Global held a safari themed (apparently) skeet shooting retreat for the sole purpose of scheming and plotting with the heavily metaphorical sound of gunshots as background noise. It turned out that the power to decide who would control Grayson Global resided with one man (and his sway over the other board members); Salvador Grobet. Conrad assured Salvador that his bad publicity would blow over before his son was actually able to acquire NolCorp as promised and Daniel assured him that beautiful women believe he is fit to lead. Lucky for Daniel, Salvador is much more interested in exotic women (because England is so exotic) than business talk. Then again, perhaps that wasn’t so lucky for Daniel.

Back at the office, Nolan arrived, with Padma in tow, to get the acquisition terms sorted out, but he was in for a surprise. Instead of Aiden at the meeting he was met by Marco (his former CFO/lover) and some blackmail to help speed up the negotiations. Nolan sent Padma away and Daniel laid out the new terms; either agree to Grayson Global taking a 51% share of NolCorp or face a criminal investigation into the missing Amanda Clarke funds. So once again, Nolan covered for Emily and took the deal, although not too happily. But that wasn’t even the end of the blackmail heading Nolan’s way. Later, Marco showed up again and laid out his own terms; he wants his job back or he’ll let slip to Fauxmanda that she’s been denied her inheritance (Side Note: Even if he did tell Fauxmanda about the money, clearly Fauxmanda knows she faux and that the real Amanda got the money and she is in no way entitled to it, so how would that be a problem for Nolan?) But, apparently it would be a problem because once again Nolan gave in. Of course, he still has a trick hidden up his sleeve that he intends to pull out now that he is within the walls of Grayson Global. Best part? He came up with this mysterious plan all on his own. Our little sidekick is all grown up.

revenge2But Daniel’s ascent to power left more bodies in its wake than just Nolan. After cutting Aiden out of the final negotiations, Ashley convinced Daniel that he should be cut out of the board altogether.  True, she might have been deploying the tactic for her personal gain, but it’s also just good business sense. Daniel barely knows Aiden, he’s just some guy who swooped in with information to overthrow his father and gamely offered to help Daniel do just that, with very little to gain from it himself. There’s also the small fact that Aiden is in fact out to sabotage Daniel and Grayson Global, so really Ashley is right on track.  Unfortunately for her, her advice was caught on one of the hundreds of camera’s Emily installed at Grayson manor and you do not get in the way of two vengeful ninjas and not pay for it.

As always, Emily had just the piece of dirt to ruin her adversary, in this case a highly incriminating, perfectly lit video of Ashley and Grayson the Elder, and they weren’t discussing business ventures.  Now, here’s the part that confused me, why would Emily send it to Victoria? It seems to me that sending it directly to Daniel would have avoided all the obstacles and kept Ashley from her Joanie Jaguar moment. Because, as soon as Victoria received the video she did what any Grayson desperate and backed into a corner would do; she used it to pimp out her son’s girlfriend in order to keep said son from gaining control of his company. Never change, Victoria.

But, even this was caught on camera, so Aiden was ready for the game change. He called Daniel up and requested to meet at a hotel. Daniel didn’t find this odd and agreed. Aiden gave him some line about how hurt he was being left out of the NolCorp meeting and managed to get Daniel to confess that it was Ashley’s idea. Cue the betrayal music! Aiden directed Daniel upstairs where he found his girlfriend all robed up with Salvador and before she could explain Daniel snapped a picture and was blackmailing Salvador (who has a wife who isn’t such a fan of exotic ladies) into voting for him. How very Grayson-esque (and un-poetic) of him.

And finally, the day was upon them. It was a fairly uneventful vote that went decidedly to Daniel and so, in spite of his parent’s last ditch efforts, did the responsibility to The Initiative. No sooner had the ink dried on the deal than the mysterious organization was sitting around a strangely dark room spying on their newest liaison and planning their next move. Will another plane be taken down? A bomb planted? Just what are these Initiative folks after anyway? I guess we’ll have to wait until January to find out.

Oh yeah, and uh, Jack did some stuff. Alright, alright, so I guess the most exciting thing (read: bloodiest) this winter finale happened in the least exciting plot, so really it was a lackluster reveal. Also it didn’t reveal anything. Jack and Amanda were holding a christening for baby Carl and Jack decided to invite some of his dad’s old friends. Actually it was Kenny’s idea, and as we learned last week, he and his brother are out to avenge their skeezy dad’s murder. So, blah, blah, blah, baby is christened, said murderer friend shows up, and the Brothers Ryan kill him. But before he dies he is able to tell Jack everything we learned last week.  Like I said: lackluster. Hopefully January will begin with the sinking of The Amanda and I hope it takes this whole storyline down with it.

See you next year, revenge-ers!

– Devin Mainville


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