Event Horizon

1291398I had never seen this film before the other night and had no idea of what to expect.  The first scene immediately informed be that things are about to get dark.  We often hear the the phrase – especially in movies – “Hell on earth”.  Well film is Hell in space, offering a different take on sci-fi than I’ve ever seen and came to quite enjoy.

event-horizon-outlineSuffering from nightmares of his deceased wife aboard a space-station,  Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill), awaits the arrival a hired crew to take him into deep space.  The mission: to locate a ship that disappeared eight years before.  After a fifty-some-odd day journey, Weir and the crew, led by Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne) find the ship, but something doesn’t quite seem right.  Once aboard, they discover the ship, named Event Horizon, cold empty.  No signs of the former crew can be found.

event-horizon-lawrence-fishburne1While trying to determine what happened to the ship and its people, almost everyone begins to start experiencing hallucinations of the worst memories or darkest fears – something Weir has seemed to be experiencing all along.  After finding a video-log of gruesome terror and death, Captain Miller says quite obviously, “We’re leaving”.  And from then on everyone is frantically readying for their departure.  All except Weir.

event-horizon-movie-1997-2The ship has driven Dr. Weir mad, much like Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining.  It seems Event Horizon, a ship we come to find out was meant to explore space travel by bending the distance between two points (warp drive) had instead passed through another dimension that closely resembles Hell.  The man who was once Weir decides to stay and to not let anyone else escape.

Event Horizon blends sci-fi and horror quite well.  I particularly enjoyed the slower pace of the majority of the film, but the end was somewhat lacking and felt too rushed.  However, it is still enjoyable and I would gladly recommend to fans of either genre.

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