AHS: The Name Game

Well, I think the post holiday glow has officially been put out and all it took was some devil rape, an alien baby, and an awesome musical interlude, because, why not? Yes, American Horror Story was back with a vengeance this week and there was no easing us back into this whirlwind of a story; it was all fast cuts and plot twists. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

ahs5The episode picked up where we left off pre-holiday (there wasn’t even time for a recap montage), Kit was “almost” dead, but Dr. Arden succeeded in reviving him. He told Kit that the experiment failed, but we know he’s a dirty liar. In fact the aliens did come and they brought a super pregnant (and alive) Grace and the gift of intelligence for Pepper. But Dr. Arden wants to keep those test subjects for himself.

Later, he attempts to examine his new patient, but Pepper pops back up to protect mother and child and scold Dr. Arden for his dismissal of “freaks” like her. Dr. Arden accepts the defeat. He sees that his dream of a utopic world filled with his genetically superior beasts will remain a mere dream and sets about putting his affairs in order.

In the melee of killing off his experiments, Dr. Arden forgets about the alien mother locked up in his office. Luckily, Dr. Thredson (who is now a full time member of the Briarcliff family) came looking for sodium blah blah just as Grace started crowning. Thredson saw his chance and used the new arrival to blackmail Kit into telling him where the taped confession is hidden. Fortunately, Lana got to it first and gave the doctor a new deal (and the best line of the season; “I don’t want to ruin it, but Spot jumps”); Thredson is now dealing exclusively with her and as long as she’s carrying his child she’ll be safe. Hopefully she can make good use of this small window of opportunity. And its looking like she’ll have some help in that department.

ahs2The greatest twist of the season has been the evolvement of Sister Jude from hardened warden, to guilt ridden vigilante and now truly repentant, but powerless. He tiny rebellions were nothing compared to the regimen she had created and she found herself being zapped with “extra juice”. Addled and finally understanding the souls she had once oppressed, she struggled to make amends the only way she could. She got word to her Mother Superior that Lana doesn’t belong in the institution. Too little, too late? Perhaps, but I’m sure Lana will take the help.

Meanwhile, the Monsignor has survived his crucifixion. It seems the Shachath didn’t come to claim his soul, but to point him down the righteous path (for perhaps the first time) in ridding Briarcliff of its demonic invader. The attempt at driving the devil out of Sister Mary Eunice went as well as every other attempt to drive her out in such a conventional way and results in the aforementioned devil rape. Shamed, the Monsignor turns to the zapped out Sister Jude for guidance and she gives him a much clearer directive: kill her.

This goes much smoother.

He is unable to call upon the help of God to assist him, but somehow he draws out the last remaining strength of Mary Eunice’s innocence and with that momentary slip he is able to drop the devil from the staircase and she crumples, broken on the floor below. The Shachath sweeps in and claims both souls, and thus Briarcliff is down one big bad.

But the devil wasn’t the only villain being put to pasture in this episode. The Monsignor wished to give Sister Mary Eunice a proper Catholic burial, but Dr. Adren insisted that every last cell the devil inhabited needs to burn. Per usual the Monsignor bends to the doctor’s will and the mad scientist is given another body (people really need to stop doing that). But his plans for the body of his once loved nun isn’t meant for as sinister needs as I feared. Instead Dr. Arden chose to take his own leave from life with the once again virginal visage of Mary Eunice and rides with her into the flames. It was actually kind of romantic if you forget everything you know about them as characters.

So there we go kids, the devil and Nazi are no more. Now we are left only with aliens and serial killers. Hopefully we won’t be too bored.

– Devin Mainville


One comment

  1. Christopher Andre

    It was a strange and fantastic episode at the same time. I can’t wait for next week… I can’t believe they made Dylan “Ben Harmon” the killer it’s going to be nice to be in the present again

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