Revenge: Power

I’ll be honest; prior to the 8 month (roughly) hiatus I was already a little confused about the many plots interweaving throughout Revenge and the extended time away did little to help that. I have no idea what plans The Initiative has (or had), I have no idea what exactly Emily is still after, I have no idea what Aiden’s sister has to do with anything and I really, really have no idea why The Stowaway storyline is still going on.

What I do know is that I really enjoy Aiden and Emily together (so back it up, Daniel), Victoria needs more to do (preferably also with Emily), and we should never ever have to wait 22 minutes to see Nolan in an episode again.

revenge4But the writers did take their break as a chance to catch up on all the message boards and attempted to satiate all the whiners (myself included) by returning to the most basic cornerstone of Revenge storylines; the procedural, one hour easy takedown. Facing the wrath of Ms. Thorne this week was Judge Barnes, who just happened to be Victoria’s houseguest for the weekend. Don’t you just love it when plans come together? Emily pulled out yet another key piece of evidence from her bottomless secret box; a letter to her father that claimed his jury had been tainted. (Side Note: Wouldn’t all this evidence do more good in the hands of the police? Or those federal agents who were so willing to build a case against the Graysons last season? That would be the easiest takedown of all.) Emily believed the letter was written by Judge Barnes’ court clerk, James Palmer, who mysteriously died three days after the letter was sent.

Seems logical, but after grilling the Judge about his former clerk at a Grayson family dinner (the best place to politely interrogate your enemies) and watching the Judge’s wife’s reaction, Emily realized Patricia Barnes was the unsigned author of the letter and was being forced into silence. A few kind words about what that letter had meant to Emily’s dear, dear friend Amanda Clarke and Patricia was giving a speech about her corrupt husband, bearing her bruises for the world to see and Judge Barnes was getting a pretty red X across his face. If only they could all be that easy.

Meanwhile, Daniel decided the best way to cement his new ruthless businessman persona was to dress like Gordon Gecko and do everything Lady Initiative tells him to. Hey, it worked for his dad. In this case Lady Initiative (real name unimportant) suggested that NolCorp wasn’t the only secret asset of Grayson Global. So Daniel assigned the project to his newest employee, Nolan. But, turns out Lady Initiative only wanted Nolan to leave a trail so they could follow it back to NolCorp’s files. Corporate espionage at its most dumbed down and it sounds like our mysterious organization has discovered the NolCorp/Amanda Clarke connection…

revenge3Daniel may think he’s all big and bad after his corporate takeover, but he’s still the same little boy getting played by his mommy. Victoria, in an attempt to save her son from The Initiative, but still too selfish to just tell him the truth, has aligned herself with Emily, claiming that only she can convince him to be the man he once aspired to since he is still in love with her. Mama really does know best and within 5 seconds of Emily and Aiden’s “fakeup” Daniel was making his own clumsy moves. Aiden and Emily may have started this road as a team with the objective of getting back in Daniel’s ear, but Aiden looked mighty jealous watching his girlfriend mack on her ex.

CHRISTA B. ALLEN, CONNOR PAOLONow that we’ve discussed all these interesting storylines, let’s check in on The Stowaway. What’s that? Not only did the Ryan brothers con their way into owning the bar because they want misguided revenge for their father’s very deserved murder, but they’re also using it as a cover to smuggle little tiny bags of drugs? And Declan is still so dumb that he discovers this by dumping coffee beans all over the floor, alerting these criminal masterminds to his devious spying? And Jack is still so dumb that he calls in his cop buddy (who could have been useful so many times before this) to do a “random” drug raid of his bar? Oh, but wait, the Ryan brothers saw that coming and planted the drugs on the Amanda instead? But then how will Declan get out of that? Oh yeah, Jack is still such a wonderful man that that he takes the fall for his brother and goes to jail, even though he has a family he should be providing for and this is all Declan’s fault anyway for being dumb enough to break into a house and leave his ID behind. Why that is all so… fascinating. My only remaining hope for this storyline is that Fauxmanda sheds this new maternal maturity and finds a tire iron to take these Ryan brothers out juvie girl turned stripper style. And if Declan becomes collateral damge in the confusion, well, it wouldn’t break my heart.

– Devin Mainville


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