AHS: Spilt Milk

Like everything AHS does, the show is hurtling towards the finale at breakneck speed, dispensing of storylines as quickly as possible. And while last week’s closure for the Devil and Dr. Nazi was equally shocking and strangely poignant, the resolution to (kind of) to Bloody Face was one of the most brilliantly directed, stunningly stylized hours of television. Would this form of storytelling work for any other show? Absolutely not, but it works here and for that I am eternally grateful.

ash3“Spilt Milk” began once again in the present with the (alleged) heir of Bloody Face working out his extensive mommy issues with a lactating hooker who had some very impressive… customer service skills. While Johhny bemoaned his “cold bitch” of a mother we were treated to a prime example of that; an intercut scene of Lana holding Thredson at gunpoint. After being set free from Briarsliff with help from Sister Jude and her Mother Superior (and an awesome parting shot to Thredson), Lana turned the incriminating tape over to the police, but took the matter of making sure Thredson didn’t flee into her own hands. This scene (and the one in which Lana made her escape) were so incredibly tense and exquisitely shot it makes the rest of the season seem standard (and that’s really saying something about AHS).

ahs4Even with a gun on him Thredson was more inclined to goad Lana than plead for his own life likely because he wanted her to kill him rather than be subjected to anther cold, unfeeling institution. So he told Lana, in agonizing detail, of the horror he had committed on Wendy’s body. Lana was surely boiling over the casually delivered information, but her trigger finger never wavered and the second Thredson made a move against her, he was living up to his moniker thanks to a bullet in the brain.

ahs5The ensuing aftermath was pure pop crime sensation, with reporters hounding fabulously impeccable “Sapphic reporter” who broke the true crime story of the decade.  But Lana had little to say to them besides “you’ll have to read my book.” But the research for the book was at a standstill thanks to the exemplary cover up of The Catholic Church, I mean Briarcliff. Mother Superior has been shipped off to Puerto Rico, Pepper has gone missing, and even Jude is playing dead (against her will, of course).  But the previews for next week showed Lana at a book signing, so apparently somebody talks.

In the interim of waiting for a viable source, Lana gave birth to her own little sociopathic (maybe) bundle of joy. She wasn’t able to go through with the abortion because it brought back too many bloody memories of violation. So instead, she carried the reminder of her ordeal, but once it was out of her body she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with it. Problem was, the baby wanted everything to do with her. The baby had been fussing for seven straight hours and a desperate nurse brought the baby to its mother for some suckling. Contrary to what Johnny may believe, Lana gave in and nursed the screaming baby into contentment.

The final tableau of reluctant mother literally looking to God for the strength to provide for an innocent baby completed a full episode arc from the damaged man longing for a mother’s comfort. And it also was the biggest clue that Johnny Morgan isn’t the son of Bloody Face. Lana may not have been able to go through with the abortion, but she made it very clear how little she enjoyed its residence. She even told the police officers, “this baby doesn’t have a father”.  So why would she put the last name Thredson on the birth certificate for Johnny to find in the present day? True, all the signs currently point towards Johhny being the Bloody Face scion, but that is yet another reason to doubt it. When has AHS ever done what you expected? And we do have two new candidates for damaged souls in the present day; Kit’s set of alien babies. Yes, it would take some convoluted twists to make that believable, but AHS is just the show to pull it off.  

– Devin Mainville


One comment


    Could there be a movie being made during the modern day based loosely on the events in Lana’s book?…we know that there is a lot of artistic license taken when books are made into movies so “bloody face” may not be exactly like Dr. Threadson…but might explain why the “set” of his house was used? Maybe the clips of Johhny Morgan are just scenes based loosely on the bloody face character. (Might explain the bloody face copycats in the modern day coming to the asylum??) Would Lana wish her son to portray her tormentor though???

    Also… When Briarcliffe is exposed and assumably closed down, Jude is supposedly already dead so she wouldn’t be transferred or released…could she be the the one in the locked room who ripped off Adam Lavigne’s arm in the first episode? Could she have somehow lingered on for all these years and become completely and totally mad and have been turned into a monster? Maybe the monsignor feeds her each week and taunts her and they have a shared madness or Jude was able to turn the tables on him and leave him behind locked up for her to torment over the years.

    Points to ponder…

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