Recap: Golden Globes

Like most (good) awards shows, last night was mix if expected and surprise. New TV reigned supreme with rookie shows Homeland and Girls dominating their categories. Film spread the love around, giving awards to all the major contenders. Here’s a sampling of what I found most enjoyable (and not so much).

Best Moments:

Argo winning best picture and, more importantly, Ben Affleck winning best director– Do the Golden Globes predict the Oscars? No, not really, but it was still such an amazing moment to have the outrage over Ben’s snub redeemed in the eyes of his peers. If he stays humble and good natured enough, perhaps he can ride the wave of indignation to a best picture win at the Oscars. Stranger things have happened.

adeleAdele models acceptable fake humility– While Anne Hathaway’s over exaggerated  surprise at winning an award everyone knew she was going to get was grating, Adele’s shock seemed actually genuine. She’s a shoe-in to win at the Oscars too, but I have a feeling she’ll be as equally down to earth and modest then too. Anne, I’m thinking, won’t.

billPOTUS in the house– When the announcer asked everyone to welcome President Bill Clinton I was half expecting Amy in drag, but it was in fact the former leader of the free world. Bill gave a thoughtful, moving introduction to Lincoln that paid homage to the 16th president while also making us all miss the 42nd.

Amy and Tina – Expectations were high for the two SNL alums, but they still managed to deliver above and beyond. They walked the fine line of poking fun at the attendees without outright offending like their predecessor and proved once again the power of smart, funny women. However…

Worst Moments:

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ShowNot enough Fey and Poehler– They were a highlight of the broadcast; unfortunately, they disappeared halfway through the show. Producers treat running long like the plague, but no matter the length, a complete shift from fun to strictly business it what makes it feel long to everybody watching at home.  

jodieDid Jodie Foster just come out? Or go back in? – Jodie Foster illustrated what happens when you spend too much time with Mel Gipson. Her rambling speech occasionally wandered into coherent territory and when it did it was moving. But, her comments about already coming out and not feeling the need to do so publicly were confusing since, in this speech, she essentially was coming out publicly. Right? I’m still a little confused, but I do know that when even Mel Gipson looks confused by your speech, its time to wrap it up.

Breaking Bad continues to be ignored – Despite repeatedly improving season after season and landing on almost everyone who watches it’s list of the best show currently on television, if not ever, it continues to be ignored in favor of “new”.  I can no longer rationalize the neglect.  

– Devin Mainville


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