Revenge: Sabotage

Last week Revenge returned to its procedural past, but the nostalgia was short lived. This week it was back to shady corporate antics, mysterious Initiative goals and fake out missions. I can’t say it was a welcome return.

revenge1From the title of the episode to the heavy handed hints throughout the night, it was clear there was a traitor in our midst and it was clear they wanted us to believe it was Aiden.  The opening shot of a “dead” body bearing the double infinity tattoo (Side Note: Can shows please stop trying to add tension by suggesting the main character is dead? Unless it’s the last episode of the series, it’s just pointless and doesn’t fool anyone) and all the chatter between Nolan and Emily about how anxious Aiden was looking was supposed to point to a double cross in order to see his (maybe) not dead sister. But, surprise! Emily isn’t dead and the whole drugged elevator/scary voice kidnapping was merely a ruse to make Lady Initiative trust Aiden. She didn’t seem too ingratiated after he saved her life however, so we’ll see how that works out. (I’m betting cozying up to Daniel will prove more fruitful, if less enjoyable for Aiden).

As much as I didn’t buy the red herring, I was still totally surprised by the actual traitor; Padma. Turns out Nolan’s latest lady love have been a mole for The Initiative the whole time. (So, I guess Nolan’s type is CFOs/ sociopaths just using him for their own twisted plots).  I honestly thought Padma was another useless character, along the lines of Ashley, whose only purpose was to overhear conversations and look pretty in dresses.  But no, she is in fact the person feeding information about the mysterious carrion project to The Initiative and letting poor Marco take the fall. I was already on Team Marco after the adorable Thanksgiving gift, and now I am certainly pulling for him. Nolan deserves to be happy, and if I can get past the whole “selling out NolCorp” thing, so can he.

Speaking of Ashley, Ms. Davenport made her triumphant return this week with an ultimatum; she wants her job back or she’s dishing out the Grayson family secrets. Luckily, Conrad has decided his talents are best suited for public office and he is much need of Ashley’s spin capabilities. Hold up a second here, Conrad Grayson has publically been linked to a terrorist act, he’s been a suspect in numerous investigations (including a federal one!) and recently arrested for murder. He has a wife who can’t throw a party without someone being arrested/ killed/thrown from a balcony, he was thrown out of his own company by his son and he is well aware that a video exists of him having sex with the woman he just hired to run his campaign. How does running for any public office make one iota of sense? We live in a society where a guy who can’t cheat on his wife without being impeached and Conrad Grayson, who has more skeletons in his closet than a teaching hospital, thinks he has a decent shot to run? I’m interested to see how they make that plausible.

revenge2Perhaps his bad decision making is a result of spending more than thirty seconds at the Stowaway, because, oh yeah, his first project as political hopeful is to save the Porter brothers from their own stupidity. Turns out, Jack is under the impression that the cops are dirty and tipped off the Ryan brothers to move the drugs. I thought it was that the Ryan brothers aren’t idiots and the crushed coffee bean alerted them to the masterminded plan. If this helps Conrad’s political bid (it won’t) great, but I would have much preferred Fauxmanda finish the job her way.

Victoria also got up to some sabotage of her own, once again directed at her own son. Without even breaking a sweat she used her feminine wiles to get Grayson Global’s biggest competitor interested in the company The Initiative is so keen for Daniel to acquire. The little taste of how easy and thrilling Victoria finds her plotting was a bittersweet reminder of how little of it she’s been able to do this season.

– Devin Mainville


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