Nashville: I’m Sorry for You, My Friend

The day has finally arrived, after a lot of bickering, and name calling, and feet dragging, Rayna and Juliette are touring together.  This week marked their first sold out stadium and if you ignore all the personal drama, I’d say it was a success.

Of course without personal drama there’d be no show, so let’s discuss that.

nashville1Election Day has come, but Rayna Is still debating whether she wants to stand by her man for appearances sake. Or course it’s harder to distance yourself when your usual rebound is MIA and Rayna just wasn’t finding the chemistry she needs with her replacement Deacons, I mean guitarists. She finally convinces Liam to stand in for a few shows (no more than 3!), but he forces her to realize that it’s not a guitarist she’s after, but her ex-boyfriend and those are some cowboy boots no one will ever be able to fill.

nashville3Luckily for her, Deacon is now in need of a new gig. The Revel Kings kicked off their southern tour in Austin so Scarlett convinced (ok, maybe forced is the more accurate word) Gunnar to give her ride. Gunnar was already planning on the drive to pick up his secret brother from prison (and will probably be headed back sometime soon to visit him there again). So Scarlett was left to enjoy VIP status alone as Deacon gave her the grand tour of rock star life. But Scarlett got more of a tour than she bargained for when Cy took a sudden turn from insecure, jealous band mate to ultimate sleaze ball who keeps security guarding doors so he can force himself on young girls. But of course, Deacon bursts in and saves the day, getting kicked out of the band in the process. I know he really wanted success for himself, but let’s be honest; knowing he’ll be reunited with Rayna is much more entertaining.

 But even if Rayna does (she will) fall back into an old affair; she won’t be leaving her estranged husband high and dry. The new mayor of Nashville (yay!) got a surprise congratulatory visit from his partner in scandal, Peggy. She’s clearly had the hots for him for quite some time (you don’t risk federal prison for just a friend), and now that Teddy is estranged he’s seeing her in a new light. It may just be a gentle cheek graze for now, but once Teddy gets word that Deacon is back in the mix, I’m guessing it’s going to be a lot more.

But Rayna isn’t the only headlining diva with a failed marriage. Turns out that since Juliette’s wedding day walkout she’s had no contact with Sean other than sending him divorce papers, which he is refusing to sign. She attempted to send hidden messages to him via CMT interviews, but somehow it doesn’t work out the way she planned and Sean files for annulment instead. Juliette responds with her usual foot stomping and tantrum throwing, but in the end Liam’s words sink in (future couple alert!?) and she gives in to Sean’s demands. Sean doesn’t realize the amount of emotional growth it took for her to make that step and throws the gesture back in her face, but at least she know she’s matured.

A Few Last Thoughts:

Is White Lies really something you want associated with your name so soon after walking out on a wedding?

Would a man freshly freed from prison really return to a life a crime as quickly as Gunnar’s brother?

Do you believe Lamar didn’t buy the election? And also, do he and Tandy seem a little too close for father and daughter, or am alone in that twisted thought?

– Devin Mainville


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