Girls: I Get Ideas

Last week I discussed just how much the girls of Girls had changed in comparison to how much they thought they had changed and came to the conclusion that they had all greatly overestimated their growth. This week, I take it back.

girls1This week Hannah proved that the resolutions she made are still sticking. True, her execution is still a little… off, but the resolve is undoubtedly there. First, while her passive aggressive, childish dismissal of Sandy wasn’t exactly mature, she was absolutely justified.  A person’s art is an extension of themselves, so if someone doesn’t like or get or enjoy the things that you create, it points to a deeper disconnect between personalities. Hannah’s writing is very much a personal extension of who she is. Her style is subtle, but the person who is with her should at least respect and understand that. Sandy’s republicanism and Hannah’s essay were never the issues, rather the personalities and thinking processes of the people they represented.

Second, even with the recent break up, Hannah wasn’t conned into thinking Adam’s craziness was in any way romantic (a distinction I think would have been lost on someone who describes a lover as “sexy in a murderer way”).  And also Hannah, if an obsessive ex boyfriend with an arsenal of tools unexpectedly shows up in your house in the middle of the night you have every right to call the police. Don’t be sorry. The creepy factor aside, Hannah was in a vulnerable place, but still didn’t fall back into destructive habits. I would call that healthy growth and perhaps even change.

And the other girls?

girls2Shoshanna is still a hyper motor mouth, but for the time being she’s a hyper motor mouth in love and Ray doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon. There was still much too little of Jessa for my liking, but marriage seems to suit her. And Marnie got a job! Its interesting that the better part of last season dealt with Hannah’s unsuccessful attempts to find a job and Marnie’s unemployment lasted less than one episode. We could assume Marnie was just more “together” than Hannah could ever hope to be, but I’m going to assume that Lena Dunham was making the far more cynical, but honest point, that pretty people have it easier.

– Devin Mainville


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